Metropolitan District
Meadowood is managed by two organizations: the Meadwoood Home Owners Association (HOA), and the Meadowood Metropolitan District (MMD). This website serves both organizations.
The MMD is responsible for the maintenance of our roads, common areas, tennis courts and ponds. MMD fees are collected as a line item on property owners' county tax bills.
Membership in the HOA is granted to those who own property in Meadowood. The right to vote in MMD elections is granted to those who reside in Meadowood. 
The Meadowood Metropolitan District was formed in 2008 for many reasons, including - but not limited to - financing critical infrastructure projects. These projects were financed through the sale of bonds. The capital projects included upgrading our water delivery system, repaving roads and improving roadway drainage, improvements to open space, tennis courts and the pond.  Other infrastructure improvements were also included, such as conduits under our roads for cable tv, phone, electricity and an empty conduit for future needs.
Currently, the MMD manages our roads, snow removal, and maintenance of our tennis courts, pond, meadow and other open space.
The Metro Board is prudently building a reserve of funds for future capital projects.