Construction Guidelines
The Meadowood Architectural Review Committee (ARC) is a subcommittee of the Meadowood Home Owners Association Board of Trustees.  All construction, remodel, and major landscaping projects require a review by the ARC well in advance of starting your project. 
Please refer to the Meadowood Architectural Guidelines document for complete information about time lines and requirements. 

"APPROVAL FROM THE MEADOWOOD BOARD IS REQUIRED BEFORE ANY EXTERIOR CHANGES OR ADDITIONS TO YOUR PROPERTY ARE PERFORMED – SPECIFICALLY INCLUDING, but not limited to: Landscaping, Siding, Roofing, Driveways or Coatings, New Construction, Demolition, EXTERIOR Remodeling, Finishes, Painting and Color or Texture or Materials Changes, Lighting, Art, Sculptures, etc. All construction, including interior remodeling, is subject to our most current Construction Rules. Interior remodels require Board notice, not approval." 

- from Design and Construction Guidelines, updated 2006 

For a complete listing of construction guidelines, see "HOA Documents."