HOA Documents - Public
The following documents are available to the public. Additional HOA documents can be found on the "HOA - Members Only Page" page. The "Members Only" page requires your password
Legal Documents
Governing Policies (Collecting Dues, Enforcing Covenants, etc)
Protective Covenants - Third Amended and Restated Declaration
Rules and Regulations
Meadowood Trash Service - All Homeowners must use Mountain Waste for trash collection.
Recycle Guidelines - What you can/can't recycle curbside in Meadowood.
Meadowood Event Form - Use this if you are planning a large party at your Meadowood home.
Construction, Repairs and Landscaping Guidelines
See a full listing on this Meadowood website page.
Miscellaneous Documents
Monthly Meeting Minutes (2023)
August 9, 2023 Meeting Cancelled
Monthly Meeting Minutes (2022)
Monthly Meeting Minutes (2021)
Monthly Meeting Minutes (2020)
March 11, 2020 - Meeting Canceled
Monthly Meeting Minutes (2019)
Monthly Meeting Minutes (2018)
(Older Monthly Meeting Minutes are in File Archives.)
Annual Meeting Minutes and Budgets
August 13, 2024 Annual Minutes
2023-2024 Annual Budget
August 15, 2022 Annual Minutes
2022-2023 Annual Budget
August 16, 2021 Annual Minutes 
2021-2022 Annual Budget
August 17, 2020 Minutes 
2020-2021 Annual Budget
August 19, 2019 Minutes
2019-2020 Annual Budget
August 20, 2018 Annual Minutes
2018-2019 Annual Budget
August 14, 2017 Minutes
2017-2018 Annual Budget
August 22, 2016 Minutes
2016-2017 Annual Budget
August 17, 2015 Minutes
2015-2016 Annual Budget